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How to contact client support


Passport’s Client Operations team is here to support you and ensure that you are getting the most out of our products. We have a team onsite in our Charlotte office, as well as a remote team across the country, and a remote Support team who services our parkers and end-users. 

Reach out to the Client Operations team to…

  • Change a rate, permit price or ticket price
  • Ask a question about your configuration 
  • Add a new zone 
  • Report a bug
  • Order new citation paper, signs, marketing materials or printers
  • Set up an event



1. Send an email to or simply create a case within the Client Operations Portal with your request or question. Whenever possible, please use this template when reporting a bug:

  • What is the level of impact (One person, multiple people, everyone)?
  • How often is this occurring (frequency)?
  • When did this issue start occurring?
  • Please provide all details, screenshots, and examples of the issue (list the steps taken to reproduce the issue).
  • This issue is resolved when: _________

2. You will receive an automated email with your ticket number (it will be CASE- followed by a number).

3. If you have further questions on the issue, please reply to the thread - emailing again separately will create a second ticket. 

4. View your outstanding tickets by visiting the Passport Client Operations Portal. Create an account if you don’t already have one, and from there you can view all of your open requests by clicking on “Requests” in the upper right-hand corner. 

How to get help after-hours

If you experience a revenue impacting bug after hours, please call our 24x7 Emergency Dispatch, by calling 1-866-815-3043.