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How to navigate the Customer Support tab


The Customer Support tab is useful for things such as searching for a customer, taking action on a customer, looking up information on a zone, and much more.



1. To look up and/or take action on a customer, within OpsMan, go to the Customer Support > Support tab. To search for a customer, utilize the filters on the left-hand side.

2. Once you locate the customer, you can view customer information, parking sessions, wallet(s) purchased, vehicles, etc.

  • The Customer Information tab will list the customer ID, name, phone, email, etc. if given by the customer.
  • The Parking Sessions tab shows you active and historical parking sessions and information. This is also where you can void and refund parking sessions.

  • The Vehicles tab will show you what vehicle(s) are associated with the account.

3. Under Customer Support, you can also view zone information. To do this, navigate to the Customer Support > Zone Lookup tab. Select the zone you want to see in-depth information on.