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Wallet Snapshot report


The Wallet Snapshot report displays the breakdown of Zone cash in Passport Wallet during the specified time period. Wallet balance calculation is based on the amount at the start of the first date listed in the date filter.



1. In OpsMan, navigate to the Reports > Financial > Wallet Snapshot Report tab.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 9.35.49 AM.png

2. Filter the report on the left sidebar as needed.

3. The summary displays a high-level overview of the wallet activity and status among your parkers. See a description of each field below:

  • Parker Count - Number of unique parkers who have a wallet.
  • Zone Cash Count - Number of Zone Cash accounts.
  • Sum of Zone Cash - Total amount of Zone Cash available with Passport Wallet prior to the earliest date in the date filter.
  • Last Transaction - Time of Last wallet transaction prior to the earliest date in the date filter.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 9.52.02 AM.png

4. This report can be downloaded to see further information and to be manipulated as needed.



The Wallet Snapshot captures $0.00 balance wallets in the count.

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