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Validation Transaction report


The Validation Transactions report gives you visibility into what validations were used, where, when, and for how much.



1. Navigate to the Validation Transaction report by going to the Reports > Transactions menu.

2. Filter the report on the left sidebar as needed.

3. The summary view at the top shows the total transaction revenue and transaction count from the filters you’ve selected. The details are shown under the summary. The details include a number of columns.

4. See below the description of each column header:

  • Validation Business - the entity that generated the code used.
  • Validation Name - the name given to the validation code.
  • Validation Amount - the amount that the validation is worth.
  • Zone - the number of the zone in which the parker applied the validation code.
  • Zone Name - the name of the zone in which the parker applied the validation code.
  • Transaction Number - the transaction number of the parking session.
  • Parker ID - the ID of the parker who used the validation code.
  • Entry Time - the time the parker started the parking session with the applied validation code.  
  • Original Parking Fee - what the price of the parking session would have been if a validation code wasn’t used.
  • Amount Applied - the amount that was discounted using the validation code.

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