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How to schedule and unschedule reports


Scheduling reports provides continual insight into your operations. When you schedule a report, it will be sent to your inbox at the cadence you desire. This ensures you won’t miss out on potential changes in your parking environment.

Examples of reports that can be scheduled:

  • Transaction report
  • Merchant report
  • Custom report



1. Within OpsMan, navigate to the report you’d like to generate, such as the transaction report. At the top of the report, click Schedule This.

2. Within the popout, fill out the setting fields for your scheduled report. You can rename the report, decide how frequently it will be emailed to you, at what time, etc.

3. Click Submit.

4. To unschedule a report, navigate to your username in the top right-hand corner, and click the dropdown menu. Click View My Scheduled Items in the menu.

5. Here you can delete your scheduled report(s) by clicking the X.

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