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How to use validation codes to boost utilization


Passport offers the option of creating validation codes for operators to provide free or reduced parking within the app. 

There are multiple options for validations, which operators can specify when reaching out to the Client Operations team to create them. For info on merchant validations, see our Merchant Validation Guide.



1. Email the Client Operations team ( and request the creation of validation codes. Specify your operation’s preference on the following:

  • Single-Use vs. Multi-Use
    • Single Use - Validation codes that are single use can only be redeemed by 1 person on 1 transaction. If Parker A uses the code "ABC123" and it is a single use code, it will not be available for use on another transaction or by another Parker.
    • Multi Use - Validation codes configured for multi-use can be redeemed once per customer but it is not limited to the first customer. If Parker A uses "ABC123" and it is a multi-use code, they will never be able to use that code again but Parker B can also use "ABC123" to validate one of their transactions.
  • Stackable

    • Stackable validations allow multiple validation codes from the same type to be redeemed on the same transaction.

    • If a parker receives five validation codes that each take $1 off their validation code, a stackable validation type would allow the parker to use all 5 codes on the same transaction.

    • If a parker has 5 validations each for $1 off that are not stackable, the parker is required to park 5 unique times to redeem all validation codes.

  • Expiration

    • Validation codes can be configured with an expiration date/time regardless of single-use or multi-use. Expiration date/time for a validation is defined on the type and cannot exceed 365 days.

  • Zone Restrictions

    • For operators using Passport Parking that would like to request validation codes from Passport as a promotional offer, it is best practice to restrict validation codes to certain zones. This prevents codes from being distributed and redeemed in other zones since there is not a transfer of funds for the code to be redeemed.

2. Before confirming payment for a parking session, click the Redeem option underneath the TOTAL field, and a popup will appear that allows you to enter the validation code. The validation code can also be entered after the session has begun by clicking on the active session and then Redeem under the Transaction Details.

Parking Details 2.png   Transaction Details.png   Validation Code.png