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How to control access to reports and privileges in OpsMan


Administrators can create restrictions or grant access to reports and privileges in OpsMan, which provides different levels of permissions for different users.

Creating new roles in OpsMan is a powerful tool for controlling access to your data. Each user in OpsMan is assigned a role, which dictates what reports and privileges they have access to. 

Some operators create general roles for Finance, Admin and Officer. Other operators also add more specific roles for Events Admin, Enforcement Reports or Allow List Admin. 



1. Log in to OpsMan, click on the Users tab and click Roles.

2. To create a new role, click the Create New Role button and add a name and description. Start selecting the privileges that this user should have access to. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

3. To edit an existing role, go back to the list of roles, and click the Edit button next to the role. From there you will be taken to the same list of privileges and you can check or uncheck as needed. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

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