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How to navigate OpsMan


OpsMan is Passport’s back office and reporting system. It contains real-time data, management tools and reporting that will give you visibility into your environment to help you make operational and strategic decisions. The navigation icons at the top of OpsMan are groupings of specific reports, features, etc. that are visible in each corresponding dropdown menu. Within most pages, there is a filter bar on the left side of the page to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 3.56.56 PM.png


Please see below for a brief description of the functionality found within each of these navigation systems. ​​​​​​

  • Monitor: Provides a visual overview of your current parking environment, showing active and near expiration parking sessions in each zone. This is not 100% real time, and therefore should not be used for enforcement.
  • Reports: Access all reports related to any of the Passport products you utilize. 
  • Events: Allows our Parking clients to set flat event rates. 
  • Ticketing: This tab is available for our Enforcement clients, and includes tools to make changes to violation types, escalations and more. 
  • Users: Includes features to create roles and edit permissions, add new users and change user passwords.
  • Wallet: Parking clients can set up wallets here to create parker loyalty and offer discounted parking packages.
  • Customer Support: Allows OpsMan users to search for parkers, violators or permit holders, and make adjustments or voids. 
  • Setup: Includes configurations like notifications, allow lists and free times. 
  • Permits: This tab is available to our Permits clients, and allows them to make changes to permit cycles, permit prices and more.
  • Scofflaw: This tab is available for our enforcement clients to export their scofflaw lists, and export boot and tow lists.



Certain reports or privileges may not have been enabled for your role or your operation. If you see a feature in the Client Success Center that is not available in OpsMan currently, reach out to the Client Operations team at to ask if this can be enabled for your account. 

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