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How to start and extend a parking session


Starting a parking session through the Passport Parking app is simple. Once a session has started, depending on the operator, zone, or active rate rules, users may have the ability to extend their active sessions. This regularly allows users to purchase more time at the active rate up to a selected maximum. This is typically controlled by the max stay attached to a rate or zone, but could also be affected by the end of a specific time frame where parking is allowed or the beginning of a restriction. 


Extending an active session gives mobile pay users two major benefits:

  • Extensions are charged as part of the original transaction allowing users to avoid paying double convenience fees per transaction, thus saving money.
  • Extensions can be done quickly and conveniently without the need to return to the parking space, meter, or pay station.


While extensions are most common with on-street meter parking environments where the active rate is a fixed cost per unit of time (e.g. $1.00 per hour), they are available in almost any parking environment. (See Notes at bottom of page).



Start a Parking Session

1. Launch the Passport Parking app and click New Session.

Home Page.png

2. Select the zone in which you've parked. Recent zones will show for quick access. Select the space in which you’re parked, if necessary.

Select Zone.png   Select Space.png

3. Select the amount of time you’d like to park. Utilize the scrolling bar to select the time, and then click Continue.


4. Review the parking details that populate. Once you confirm that everything looks good, click Confirm Payment to start your parking session.

Parking Details 1.png


Extend an Active Session

1. When viewing your active sessions, click Add Time to extend your session.

Parking Session Created.png

2. Using the slider, select the amount of time you wish to add to your session. Once set, click Extend.

Add Time Slider.png

3. Review and confirm the details of your extension. Once confirmed, the app will return you to the active session screen where you will notice the timer has been updated to reflect your extension.




The only static limitation on extensions exists on long-term parking Session Durations. Due to the transaction capture process, sessions cannot be held as pending indefinitely, allowing the adjustment of a transaction value. To manage this, any Session in excess of 5 days is captured immediately and cannot be extended.

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