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How to add a new zone to your parking environment


If you recently expanded your parking environment and would like to enable mobile payments or ticketing for a new area, you will need to complete a New Zone Request Form

After our team creates your new zone, it will be activated in OpsMan, and parkers will be able to select the zone when using the mobile app.



1. Complete the form and include as much information as possible about your new zone.


2. Click the Send button at the bottom of the form.



This creates a new case for you in our system, and our Client Operations team will be notified of your request. Client Operations will build the zone within OpsMan and contact you by email with the new zone number.



Remember! Passport provides you with fresh signs and decals for each new zone. We always work to process your request as quickly as possible, however, please allow 3-4 weeks for sign production and shipping. To learn more about Passport’s signage best practices please see this page.

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