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How to create GPS coordinates for your parking zones


Passport’s mobile application uses GPS coordinates to accurately recommend nearby zones in the app to your parkers. Additionally, zones setup with the proper GPS coordinates will be accurately located on the map in Find Parking.



1. To confirm that your zones currently have accurate GPS information, please send an excel file with a list of your Zones and corresponding GPS coordinates to our Client Operations team at (template below). The team will perform an audit to confirm that all coordinates are up to date.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 3.59.03 PM.png

2. In order to find the correct GPS Coordinates (Lat & Long) for each Zone, please follow instructions below.

  • Navigate to Google Maps
  • Search for your Parking Lot/Garage/Zone.
  • Click on the map where you want the pin for Find Parking to show.
    • Please note, we cannot map “areas.” Drop a single pin for one zone. For zones that cover several blocks, please select the most centralized spot.
  • A grey pin will drop on Google Maps.
  • The coordinates will be listed in 2 places. Latitude (Lat) is always listed first. 
    • Bottom of the screen 
    • In the URL 

3. When creating new zones, ensure that you include the correct GPS coordinates. Keep in mind that the smaller your zones, the more accurately they will be recommended to your parkers.