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How to build or change your parking rates


Parking environments are ever-changing and the Passport platform offers you the ability to be in control of your rates at all times. If you need to edit a current rate or add a completely new one, you can do so by completing a Rate Build/Change Request Form. You can always access the form from the homepage of the Client Success Center.



1. On the Client Success Center homepage, navigate to the Quick Forms section at the bottom. Click the Rate Build/Change Request Form link.

2. Complete the form. Make sure to specify the zones where the rate will apply, as well as time restrictions if any.

3. Click the Send button at the bottom of the form. This will create a case with our Client Operations team. They will process your request as quickly as possible and will build the rate in our systems, adding it to your account within OpsMan and activating it on the appropriate zones. They will always keep you updated by email on the status of your rate change.

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